tailored for the type of surfing I want to do in the type of conditions that I actually get on a regular basis

Hi Todd and Charissa,

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I came to visit and pick up the new boards! Time truly flies and I hope you and the family are doing well in these crazy times.
Also, I dropped out of social media for a while but maybe longer than I thought because, Todd, that beard is epic! ????

Anywho, I’ve obviously had some time to feel out the new boards and the simplest way I can put it is that you absolutely nailed it!  I was looking for a set of boards that just felt good under my feet and these definitely do; solid, dependable, and still insanely progressive.  Even from the first sessions, they all felt comfortable; there was no period of having to figure them out; they just worked.  It doesn’t matter what the waves are doing, I always feel in good form when I’m on them. 

The same goes for the construction; lively but not too light and yet super durable.  It definitely gives me that added confidence to surf harder and puts that little extra pep in my step. 

More so, not only does each board feel great on its own, but the concept of the stacking/sister quiver – all similar yet each more progressive than the next – is completely radical.  I can move freely between each board in all different conditions and still keeping my surfing consistent throughout.  

So, between the shapes themselves (outline, dimensions), construction, and technology under the hood, I’ve got this amazing quiver with all of these different elements working together to help take my surfing to the next level, and – in over a year – I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface as far as what these boards are capable of.  

All things considered, I think this quiver is a true testament to the custom experience. It’s a quiver that is built upon the best qualities from previous boards and is tailored for the type of surfing I want to do in the type of conditions that I actually get on a regular basis. 

In the end, I can’t really put into words all the new and different things I am experiencing and learning with these boards so I’ll just say thank you so much for doing what you do!
If you’ll be around the week of Thanksgiving i’d love to stop by and talk shop some more. I may also have a few questions about the Pavarotti; that thing looks pretty rad. 
Your pal,
Dane. 33/5’9″/160-165lb

  • 5’5” x 19 3/8” x 2 5/16” Monstroscillous 26.5L
  • 5’7″ x 19” x 2 1/4” Zipstajet 26L
  • 5’9” x 18 7/8” x 2 5/16” MonstaPig 26.5L

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