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10 years ago when I first went to El Salvador …

10 years ago when I first went to El Salvador, this local kid was 11 years old and lived right on the point with his family. There was literally nothing around; a very humble existence, I’d imagine life had not been lived too much differently for hundreds of years at that stretch of beach.

I remember Bryan and his brothers would take turns going over the falls on old brown boards that looked like they had been broken and ramshackle fixed a hundred times. They would scamper around hooting barefoot on the beach, and hunting down coconuts to share for hydration. I ran into him and his brothers on this latest trip and here’s how Bryan surfs now!


He tried one of my personal boards I brought down and he went to town …and, all the brothers have grown into fine, responsible young men that are quick to share a smile and pass on solid aloha vibes.

Did you know that “El Salvador” means ‘The Saviour’. And “La Libertad” means ‘Liberty’…

6’2” x 19 1/4” x 2 5/8” 32.5L thumbtail #G471surfboard

@bryan_perez_14 21/6’2″/185lb. ???? @kevinsurfpz