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10 waves in one. This HPLB board has been amazing..

Hey Charissa/Todd, 
Hope all is well. 

Let’s start with a stoke report. HPLB has been killer out at rincon this season. On the big swell a few weeks ago, I  caught 8-10 foot set wave from before the flag pole all way to the end of cove. Huge grab rail drop, got a barrel and hit the lip 3-4 times, couple high-lines and ended up past the pit. I got out after that. 10 waves in one. This HPLB board has been amazing.. I’ve been unlocking the gears Todd put into it over the years. 

Thinking about my next board for Rincon and C st on those big winter days.  Something that’s a little faster and will give me a little more control on those massive drops and down line. And also good on winter off shore days, so I don’t get hung up on the lip. 
Is the Bucket Pin a good choice to step up from HPLB? 
Let me know when you have a chance. 
Best, Earl