Wow, it is unlike anything I have ever ridden and it rips.

Hi Todd & Charissa,

Hope this email finds you both in good health and glassy waves!

I wanted to thank you for the Amazing Job

on the “Proxy Greased Rascal” you

shaped me this spring!

Wow, it is unlike anything I have ever ridden

and it rips.

I have ridden it in the worst of the worst storm swell, Doheny on a 2ft day and Salt Creek when its over head.

It does it all!

It has improved my surfing dramatically and it has become my go to board for just about everything.

Thanks for treating us all like family!

David Fields
Salt Creek CA

Proxy Greased Rascal
5’8” 2 1/4″ 18 7/8″ five fin setup- I prefer it as a Quad

P.S. taking it to South Shore Oahu on Friday 🙂 I’ll Send you a Photo if get a good one!