who is tommy o’brien?


[justified_image_grid preset=3 caption=off]Tommy O’Brien is an East Coast surfer who stands out among the crowd.

His raw power and sick style are two of his most notable attributes;

but I also really like how unaffected he is about all the hype, lies and spin that can sometimes swirl about in this industry of ours we call the surf industry and professional surfing.

I get so gosh dang tired of hearing about who switched sponsors and how so and so got robbed at the last contest, and who is partying way too hard, and what company is cool (this month), and which humans are worth our attention and which humans are old news and lame…..well Tommo just never ever seems to go to that ugly place of who’s who and what’s what in the industry…..you just don’t hear him talk much about it at all, unless he has something good to say.

Meanwhile, he carries on ripping the bag out of each new swell, and going out fishing in the waters off his beloved gulf coast.

Fish Project:

Three fishes, same dims, same outlines, same rails, same glass, same blank, three slightly different tail rockers, one different tail, one with glass-ons and a...

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A study in channels

In this slide show are three different channel bottoms. Each of them has a different combination of channels to make each board do different things....

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Thruster vs. Quads

Thruster vs. Quads (….Five fin convertible set-ups….when to ride thruster? When to ride quad?) When trying out a new board with the five fin convertible...

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A tale of longevity

Here’s a tale of longevity: This board was made eight years ago. It’s a standard poly construction, but made with care and attention to detail....

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