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This board however banks turns at full speed easily and the turns are positive

I picked up my new board from you a few weeks back. It’s a 6’2″ Proxy SR-71 with a two tone blue fade. I am always a skeptic when I try a new board out especially from a new shaper. When I got the board back to my house to check it out I found a curvier outline, more rocker, and less concave than my previous boards. I was thinking that it would be really manuverable but I was worried that it would be slow. Man was I wrong!

Once I started to figure the board out I was blown away by how sensetive it is rail to rail, and how I could use the extra manuverablity to generate even more speed.

My old boards have always been fast, But turning them at top speed was always the issue. They required full force which made the turn hard to control. This board however banks turns at full speed easily and the turns are positive. Plenty of projection. Not the type the tail starts to drift and with it goes all your speed for the next turn.

Also the board catches waves like a dream, I barely have to paddle.

With this being my first board from you I can only imagine what the next one will be like. For now I’m going to ride this one into the ground and try to find something about it that we can improve on for the next one. Thanks for giving me a board that is going to help me improve my surfing.

P.S. I bought some future compatable trulite fins from true ames. They work great on this board. Feels like glass ons.

Thanks, Mike Julian, 27, Southern California
Custom Surfboard: Proxy Epoxy construction: SR71 rounded squash tail
6’2″ x 18 3/4″ x 2 5/16″ Nose: 11 1/4″ Tail: 14 1/8″