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the Monsta just might change what you think of as your “normal” shortboard

Proctor Surfboards Monsta v.2

I’m a fan of the short and stubby boards that are dominating the line up these days, but some of them are too stubby, and get squirrely in anything more than small, mushy surf. Enter Proctor’s Monsta v.2. It’s an awesome mix of a shortboard that can coast through summer mushburgers, but will also let you unleash high-performance turns in the pocket when the surf picks up or gets steeper. On their site ( there are cool descriptions of three different rockers Proctor uses for this board, depending on what the surf is like in your area. It’s meant to be ridden 3-4 inches smaller than your normal shortboard, and 1/2” wider. And actually, if your go-to blade is a chippy board that’s 18 1/4” x 2 1/4”, the Monsta just might change what you think of as your “normal” shortboard. Check out these and other Proctor board models in our Gear Guide.—Casey Koteen


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