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the board accelerated like nothing I have experienced

Hi Charisa,

That epoxy Rascal you made me last year is over a year old and holding up great.

It gets surfed 2-4 times

a week, and there is not

a single ding in it.

The deck is a bit dented from all the use, but there are no dings in it at all.  I don’t keep it in a bag, it just gets tossed into the car or on my bike rack.  I really don’t take that good care of it at all. But it is one tough board.

I don’t think I have ever had a board

hold up as well.

There is something that I want to mention to anyone who is thinking of having a board made.  I now have 2 Proctor boards and based on my experience, will probably never work with any other shaper ever again.  The reason is that Todd and Charissa run Proctor in a way that suits me perfectly.

When I want a board, Todd really listens to me.  I am 52.  I am not a 17 year old gymnist.

But that doesn’t me I should not have a board that would bring out the best in my surfing and take it to a new level.  When I ordered my second board, they knew who I was, they had all the records of my previous board, and were able to

listen to what I wanted, take into account the improvements in my surfing ,

and craft the ideal board for me.

It is a combination of caring & modern technology that allows this to happen.

Someone at a surf shop, even my local guys who I see every week, are not able to do that for me.  Although they see no harm in it, they would happily have me buy a tiny potato chip and send me off on my merry way, just as they would some 17 year old.  Todd listens, he takes into account who I am, where I surf, and what I want out of the board.  He has the experience to know how to make that happen for me.  So although I feel I bit guilty not buying from my local guys, and that I have to wait a few weeks for my board to be made, it is really the only way I will ever buy a surfboard.  What can I say, it feels nice to be cared about.

All my best,
age: 52 ht: 6’0″ wt: 169
7’2″ x 22″ x 3″ moontail Proxy Rascal

I just came back from my first session with the new Rascal.  Wow.  So much fun. I had it in 3-4ft beach break here in the bay, and it was fantastic.  I want to thank Todd for taking the time to listen to me, to really understand what would be the best board for me, and to craft a gorgeous super fun board.  I was a bit timid at first, not sure if with the shorter length I would be able to catch waves like the earlier Rascal, but no worries at all.

First wave I went for was a right,

dropped right into the power part of the wave,

and stood on the rail.

Worked great, but the wave collapsed around me. However, on the second wave, a left, backside for me,

I weighted the rail and extended up,

the board accelerated like nothing I have experienced. I almost shot over the lip!

I pulled it around for 3 or 4 more turns. You have to understand, this is Santa Monica beach break. This is not some epic long wave. To be able to turn and power like that is something I have only seen, never actually done.

Some of the regular guys were out and they asked what the heck was I surfing on. If you start getting calls from people in Santa Monica and Venice, you will know why.

Great job Mr Proctor, awesome board,

6’8″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 7/8″ moontail Proxy Rascal