Thanks For the Invite | SaltyBeards | Surfing Magazine

Sit back and get comfy — we’re not calling out highlights for this one. The list would be far too long. Surfer Nick Rozsa and filmer Chris Papaleo of Salty Beards weren’t about spoon-feeding internet junkies with shorts this year, and for that, we’ve missed them. Instead, they bundled a year’s worth of banger clips into one 12-minute free-for-all buffet — with footage from Marie to Mexico and everything between — and boy, oh boy, are we hungry. Nick surfs like he’s doing it to bring home the bacon, which he feeds to his two-year-old son. Chris captures it and together they make “Thanks for the Invite,” to which we say, “No, no, thank you, Salty Beards.” Tame your ADD and watch this thoroughly.