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Roberto Weighs in on Da Monsta

SURFER interview on MONSTA model 

Your name: Roberto

Country you live & surf: El Salvador

Bio please, 54 yrs, 35 + surfing, El Salvador’s surf team, Grand Kahuna

Board feedback: silence…….

Feedback please Mr. Grand Kahuna: OK here I go.

Turns: fast, I mean instantaneous turning, point it and in goes….

Waves for: knee to overhead, no matter what conditions; hollow, mushy, broken up, peaks it works great all the time.

Are you stoke on the MONSTA: more than stoked. if you do not have one, please get one. this board is really THE BEST small wave board I have ever put my body over.

Thanks Grand KAhuna for your time, silence….

Grand Kahuna are you there: silence….