One of the most responsive boards I have ever ridden

The carbon footprint Monsta definitely felt magical.

One of the most responsive boards I have ever ridden, and I have ridden a lot of different boards/shapes/technologies over the last 27 years.

The board has great drive off the bottom which helps set up any tail blow, top turn, hook, or air. I can tell if I like a board as soon as I get it on a wave or two, but it can take a little time to completely dial it in and figure out what it does well or not. This wasn’t the case with this board.

First wave, frontside reverse. Second wave, big backside loft air. Third wave, frontside air reverse. Fourth wave, series of quick backside hits. Just felt awesome from wave one.

Even surfing with my group of ultra critical & competitive friends, I was getting a lot of great feedback.

Overall, super stoked with this board.

Looks like we have some more swell on tap the next few days and I’m frothing to get back out!

Thanks again!
John wt: 145 for: Southern California
Carbon Footprint 5’5″ x 18 5/8″ x 2 1/16″ Monsta v.2 [teamlite]

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