Makes big waves surfable on a short board

brian mccarthy proxy epoxy shortboard

Board is still Awesome!!

Nothing like it in my quiver.

Makes big waves surfable on a short board.
Just got back, super big & fun here in Newport with overhead sets.

Leaving for Fiji in a week then traveling to Cabo at the end of the month…

Hope all is well with you and family..

Brian McCarthy

Custom Proxy Epoxy Titanium Series Upgrade Options
1.0: Kevlar Compression Patch &
Option 2.0: Carbon-Hinged Flex Tail
SR71 rounded squash tail 6′4″ x 18 7/8″ x 2 3/8″

All in the Family

Stoked surfer reports >> this just in: “This board is the best surf board I’ve ever ridden. Thank you for taking me to the next...

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