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I really did feel the difference on these boards

Hey Todd and Charissa,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the boards I picked up on Friday afternoon and to say thanks for all of your help with getting these KILLER boards.

My friend Dirk (the one that met me at your shop) and I went straight to Silver Strand after getting my boards. Once we got there the waves were more solid than I was expecting, they were about chest to head high (+ on occasion). Then I realized I didn’t have a leash cord but luckily Dirk had some spares. I took out the G4f and my on first wave I didn’t make the drop on a mellow left. Then I caught about 6 rights (I’m a regular footer) and the board was awesome. I hit the lip on every wave and landed all of them, which usually doesn’t happen that consistent.

Then I did one of the more vertical off the lips I have done in many years and landed it perfectly to continue down the line.

The board was super responsive, fast, and very forgiving.

If only I had been riding one of these a long time ago!

It worked well on the small waist high waves and felt great in the head high waves.
After about 10-12 waves I ran in and got Da Monsta out. The waves were healthy enough that I normally would have stayed on the G4f but I had to try Da Monsta. My first wave was a chest high slightly bumpy right and the board took off. I honestly don’t think that I have ever gone so fast on a board before. A few waves later I caught one of the head high+ sets and I made the drop fine and once the wave started sucking out the board just took off again.

Those two waves in particular were the fastest I have ever felt a board go!

I got to hit the lip once on Da Monsta and landed it solid.

The next morning (Sat) Dirk and I hit Shores and it was about waist to shoulder+ with light offshores. This time I just rode Da Monsta. I caught tons of waves and felt really solid on the drops, although I didn’t make the drop on one of the head high waves (my fault, not the board). A lot of the waves were backing off so the feel was a little different. I did pull into one of my better tubes of the season on it but didn’t make it out.
Instead of being so wordy I could have just said I’m stoked on the boards but

I really did feel the difference on

these boards and I can’t wait to ride

them in some long lined up waves.

My friend Dirk saw me one some of the waves and knows how pumped I am about the boards that he is thinking about getting one soon!

Besides the boards, I am stoked on your customer service and that there were never any loose ends or any miscommunications that occurred during the whole process.

You seem to have a great operation and I hope to work with you again on another “Magic Ride”.

Paul, Ventura, CA :: ht: 5’9 wt: 170-175
Monsta 6’0″ x 19 5/8″ x 2 1/2″ squash tail
G-4.f 6’4″ x 19 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ rounded squash tail


a couple weeks later

Hi Charissa and Todd,
I am so stoked on my boards! I rode the Monsta in 3-4′ windswell at Silver Strand the other day and the board was working great.

I’m landing almost all my floaters/off the lips

which I was not doing with the other two boards I had before.

What a difference in take offs, speed and control!

Also, I feel like I am doing more gouging type turns by digging the rail and tail deeper into the wave.


Todd- It was cool seeing out in the line-up this morning (it’s always a good thing to see your shaper ripping)!

The g4 worked well in the conditions, it dropped in comfortably in the bigger ones and actually groveled really well on the little insiders.

I’m totally stoked on my two boards. I was going right on one and you were going left on the same one way down the line tucked into a backside tube, Right On!

I just sold my other boards so I have enough money for another board since I am rebuilding my quiver with boards that work well for me. I will call at some point and make an appointment to talk to you about what I want and need.

Have a good one!



Hi Todd,
I ended up surfing Inside Point for a short sesh later after meeting up with you and rode my g4.

My first wave was my 2nd best wave of the winter (lil overhead) and the board was perfect.

I did about 8-10 big carving turns

all the way down to the pier

and the board felt so solid.

That was the test and the board passed

on solid waves. Thanks!