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I can get anything the long boarders get

Hi Todd,

I have been meaning to write you for some time now about the Little Rascal you made for me last year. The biggest problem I have is that it is so fast, if I pump too much, I out run the wave!

There is no way on earth that

someone my age, 52, and only surfing 3 years

should be doing what I am doing on that board.

I have had it in solid overhead surf and it holds the wall like a champ.

In mushy point breaks I can get anything the long boarders get, only I can scream down the line now.  The reason I got the board was to learn beach break on a shorter board, and it does that great.  I feel so solid on that thing, but it is so light, amazing.  Expect a call from me to order another one, this time short enough to duck dive.

A question for you, if I weigh 168, and am 6ft tall, what length would I need to be able to duck dive it?

All my best,

David, Los Angeles, CA
7’2″ x 22″ x 3″ moontail Proxy Lil’ Rascal

FYI, I was out this morning, and

I have become the guy who now rules my break, that is until my 52 year old arms run out of gas!
Look forward to speaking to you,

Best wishes,


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