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Custom Surfboards Built in Ventura, California since 1992

Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

Thank you for Scheduling Your Custom Order Surfboard Appointment

We will send you an email to confirm your requested appointment time, or if necessary, schedule an alternative time.

We look forward to equipping you for the journey.

We will call or contact you at the requested time. If we encounter a scheduling conflict, we will get in touch with you to reschedule.

Important items to review in preparation for your conversation with Todd:

1) The consult we offer directly with Todd is limited to a single conversation and will not be progressive, so please thoroughly prepare your thoughts and if you find it helpful to write down anything in particular you want to cover so you don’t forget, we encourage that.

2) Don’t overthink it. Todd has been custom designing and building surfboards directly for individual surfers of all experience levels in all sorts of conditions worldwide for 30 years. He will ask you the questions he needs to know to properly advise you. Just make sure to answer honestly. The more info you provide to us about what you are riding now (ie. full dimensions length + width + thickness/volume if available, etc) and your personal surfing journey, the better. The boards you don’t like can be just as helpful as the ones you do in terms of his ability to determine what design features will best suit your surfing style.

3) If you would like to have artwork included on your board please browse our custom surfboard artwork galleries, online surfboard shop or @proctor_surfboards instagram feed ahead of time and either email us links to what you like or be prepared to present during the consult. You are also welcome to email us images prior to the call of colors, concepts or boards you want to reference for this purpose. For multiple or large images we prefer you send them securely through our wetransfer page.

4) You will receive an email containing the detailed Work Order and Sales Order for your custom surfboard following the consultation.

5) If you missed the detailed description of how our custom order process works when you filled out the appointment form, you can find all of that info here:

Custom Surfboard Order Process Explained >>


We look forward to equipping you for the journey.


Todd & Charissa Proctor

If you have other questions, feel free to e-mail or call 805-658-7659


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todd and Charissa proctor of proctor surfboards in ventura, ca

Pull the curtain back and have a peek behind the scenes at the history of an American surfboard factory. A place where anyone can get the same detailed attention that most companies provide only to the main team guys.

A place where the individual/relational meets the scientific/technical; to create crafts that link the energy of the ocean with the vision of the rider. …where original hand-done art can be customized for each person; where technology is used to make boards work their best, but also to last longer — less wholesaling, more one-on-one; not designed obsolescence, but built for speed and built to last.

—Todd Proctor

a word from the shaper

So you’re all about the everyman, not just pros?

Yes, the goal being to take the time to make great boards that perfectly match the surfer, no matter who they are, and building them to last.

I build boards for a lot of different people, and as far as I’m concerned, whoever is stoked on life, stoked on surfing and riding a Proctor is more than part of a team; they are part of the family.

Real people, rippers, cruisers, pros, blue color, corporate…It’s a shift away from a mindset of “What can I get?” to a worldview of “What can I give?”