todd-gregSince there are so many different types of surfers and so many different types of waves, I have found it unrealistic and unfair to try to automate an all-inclusive online order form. There is a wonderfully large variety of board models and options available for custom orders….

so I’ve decided to personalize things a bit more to meet your needs better.

You can set up a direct consultation with me by simply filling out the consultation request form below and we will contact you at the date and time you request, or if I am unavailable at that time, we will e-mail you promptly to set up a new appointment.
I look forward to detailing the magic board for you. All boards can be made with polyester/pu construction or Proxy epoxy composite construction. Both constructions have various optional upgrades available (ie. Carbon/Kevlar). We will detail your construction preferences during the custom order conversation.

Aloha, Todd

If you’re eager to snap up a board on the quick & don’t want to wait for a custom detailed directly with Todd, you can purchase from this collection of stock boards regularly going through our production for the showroom


We are committed to making highest quality, custom surfboards, manufactured from start to finish in our factory in Ventura, CA. Surfboards built by hand in the USA, using highest grade materials, are more costly and labor intensive to produce. Yet, this is the model that enables the shaper to maintain essential hands-on interaction with the design and production process, and which sustains the synergy of shaper and surfer for the best possible equipment.

How does a custom surfboard order work?

  1. Todd will detail all aspects of your board design, model, dimensions, specs, fins, graphics, and price during this consultation & collaborate with you to get you dialed into the board that’s right for you. If you wish to discuss custom graphics please make sure to e-mail us examples of anything you want to reference during the phone call ahead of time. You can browse our art galleries herePlease be prepared to finalize all details of your custom order during this single one-on-one with Todd as we do not make changes to custom orders after the fact and this is the time during which Todd will be completely focused on your personal surfing journey, preferences & goals. Consults typically run 10-30 minutes & are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  2. Don’t overthink it. Todd has been custom tuning boards for individual surfers of all experience levels in all sorts of conditions worldwide for 25 years & will ask you the questions he needs to know to properly advise you. Just make sure you answer honestly. The more info you provide to us about what you are riding now (ie. full dimensions/volume if available, etc) and your personal surfing journey, the better.
  3. Custom orders are started with a down payment of 50%. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX, DEBIT/CHECK CARD, money orders, wire transfers, and cash. All sales are final & down payment in non-refundable.
  4. Charissa will process your down payment and e-mail you a detailed invoice & work order showing the board specifications, and payment & shipping information so you will have copies of all of this for your own records. You will also receive an invite to our customer portal where you can setup a password associated with your e-mail and can access your board history and profile with Proctor Surfboards at anytime. You can also message us from within the portal and process payments.  PROCTOR SURFBOARDS CLIENT PORTAL
  5. Custom orders are completed in approximately 12-24+ weeks with our present level of demand, depending on a variety of variables. We offer various rush expedite options for those who need a quicker turnaround. Standard turnaround time estimates are approximate & may fluctuate in order to maintain our vision for quality & precision in light of high demand. We will call or e-mail you when your board is nearly finished. At that time we will process final payment and arrange for pickup or shipping, depending upon your preference.

    If you’re eager to snap up a board on the quick & don’t want to wait for a custom detailed directly with Todd, you can purchase from this collection of stock boards regularly going through our production for the showroom. You’ll be able to select from curated popular models, options & dims to get what you want with a general lead time of approximately 2-10 weeks.

  6. Feel free to check in with Charissa at any time regarding the status of your custom order or with questions about accessories, the board, shipping, or anything else we can help you with. We offer a full line of board bags, tail pads, fins, leashes, ding repair, etc. You can add on surf accessories to your custom board order at a 20% discount.

The American Surfboard Factory // Ventura, CA