the board that you shaped for me is everything that I could have wanted

Hey Todd,

Well Todd what can I say the board that you shaped for me is

everything that I could have wanted and truly is a magic board!

The air brush work turned out great and I really like the gun metal grey color of the board. The board is a rocket Todd! I find myself being able to surf the wave top to bottom and really link turns together where before I was always looking for speed this board gains speed through every turn. The fact that the board is is so light, strong, and precise blows my mind.

After surfing my magic board that you shaped, I feel like I have been stuck surfing in the 80’s!

Your boards and the technology that you are incorporating into the flexible epoxy is amazing! I am sold to say the least and I do not hesitate to show and educate my friends and folks that I work with about your boards and how far a head of the rest that you shapes are!

The reason it took so long to reply to you and give you some feed back is because the waves have really been lacking on the southeast coast of NC. We are all really disappointed that we have yet to get a real winter swell! It has not been bigger than a very weak head high wave. I cannot wait to get the board into some waves with a little more juice behind them so that I can let loose! Don’t get me wrong even in the small crap knee – waist I can surf the board no problem! The swells that we have been getting are usually waist to shoulder with not to much power, but

the Groveler has no problem finding speed and busting the fins out the back!

Well Todd thank you again so much for shaping me a magic board I look forward to getting many more boards shaped by you, you are the man!

Happy Surfing,
Jason Moore, 25, Wilmington, North Carolina
Proctor Custom Epoxy “PROXY” Surfboard: 6’2″ x 19″ x 2 5/16″ Groveler IV

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