That board is a masterpiece

The swell is backing down. It wasn’t all that it was cut out to be. I surfed Count Line point everyday. Monday was really fun because it was uncrowded. More importantly, like I said, the Circa is a Diamond in the rough! That board is a masterpiece.

Anybody, excluding the top 10 percentile

of surfers would be better served

riding a Circa style board.

It will revolutionize what they are doing.

I am stoked! Keep shaping the magic. MSJ

Mark St. Johns, Oxnard, CA
Circa ’86

Shaper Breakdown:

“Circa ’86” eighties model

Can you believe there is actually an 80’s model…I’m feeling old. Actually, I was a grom in the 80’s and what a great time it was; in part due to board design – less work for more speed; surfing didn’t have to be so technical back then and it seemed like there were less knee injuries… I don’t know? Features flat deck, angled down rails, flat-to-vee bottom, even a beautifully hideous beek nose. So here’s my quick, forgiving little gem that hearkens back to the days of Curren and Occy duals, “Kong”, “Rabbit”, “The Saint”, a young ”Butto”, “The Law”….yesterdays heroes that aren’t so different from today’s.