Damien Hobgood. photo: Watts. feature: Surfline #Technocolor

G4-71 Jetstream Techtonaught

as featured in Surfline #Technocolor

The G-471 is one of my performance shortboard models that is a go-to favorite with my compadres Peter Mendia and Nick Rozsa. When Surfline presented this project to me, I though it would be interesting to see what Damian and Caio would do on it at La Libertad’s wave rich zone. I’ve also been working on a new hull design called the ‘jetstream’ which uses a hydrofoilesque combination of extremely deep cascading concaves for added lift, bite and sustained rail hold…so I thought I’d throw that into the mix too.

The rails are wrapped with a unique new elastic-like material (which adds a smoother feel than standard carbon) to the stringerless epoxy construction. The core of the board is made from a uniquely formulated bead which yields higher compression strength, less water absorption, and increased break strength. Engineered specifically for the demands placed on a surfboard, this core is slightly denser than typical epoxy, yet weighs slightly less than an ultralight poly board. Overall concept is to provide you a board that has the whippy feel of an epoxy

 with the rail hold of a poly.

Techno Color: Proctor from Surfline on Vimeo.

filmed by: Travis Kuhlman

In the video below Todd goes in depth about the rubber-like elastic properties of the new Techtonaught construction, as well as breaking down the Jetstream hull. Please note that the Jetstream hull can be put on pretty much any board in our lineup, as it was on the G4-71 featured in this piece.