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shaper breakdown

Sounds so sinister doesn’t it?…well, not to worry, it’s all in the name of aggressive fun. This is a good waves board, and perfect for rippers who want a board that can handle being pushed hard and fast through a myriad of edge-of-the-envelope maneuvers. It’s got a smooth entry rocker; no real flip, so it glides into waves and gets down the line quick and easy. The rest of the board pretty much is all a bendy tail rocker, so it will go into all the most compressed, tight little power spots on the wave… and gain speed like a freight-train that’s lost its brakes. I run a single concave with inset doubles the length of the bottom….which makes it a very fast, predictable board. A great board for indo, your local beachbreak when it’s on…and just good, hollow, pushy waves in general…