best surfing of my life, not because of the swell but because of the board

The Monsta you shaped for me (5’9″x19 3/8×2 3/8 v2) is more than I expected.
The last couple of days with a little Spring swell here in So Cal has been

the best surfing of my life, not because of the swell but because of the board.

It can power through turns,

and it’s playfull when you want to get light on your feet.

It enters early, and drives through tight arcs.

I’m hooked on it right now.  I’ll be coming back to you when I wear through it for another, and I’m starting to look at your HPSB line up as well.
Have a great weekend,
Nathan // Carlsbad, CA // 5’9″/175-185 lb/36/int-adv
Proxy Monsta v.2 5’9″ x 19 3/8″ x 2 3/8″ squash [teamlite]

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