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stoked surfer reports | Hear from the people + Shaper Blog

As the norm, you made two great boards for me.

Charissa and Todd, I got to try both of the new boards and I’m stoked on both!

The Bullet as a quad is a get-in-early speed machine.

The farther back you get on the tail,

the faster it wants to go.

Good crowd control board in case nobody wants to share that day. Caught several nice, large set waves this morning. Then removed myself from the water in case I started not share.

The Ghost will be a great board for me. It was a little soft at 5-6 ft. and it was slow to get in. Then one with some power came and it was instant, smooth take off.

It’s what I wanted, not a duplicate of my Monsta, but a board for more punchy or critical waves.

As the norm, you made two great boards for me.

Thank You!….Best Regards,John