(this is my take; my opinion; some thoughts on what I see taking place on our planet right now; and our pathway back to freedom)


I can’t take it anymore. I’ve watched as the “new normal” has been put into play like a chess move by people that hate freedom and despise the American way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I’ve sat back and watched as people follow along with the scare tactics, the lies, the propaganda, the posturing, and I’ve kept telling myself ‘this too shall pass’. But it doesn’t just pass. It seems to keep going and going and drag on and on. 


I think to myself, “I don’t want to upset anyone. I have friends and family on both sides of this thing. It will just go away at some point.” But it hasn’t gone away. It seems to me to have a certain spirit of division upon it. This season of history feels very different from anything I’ve ever experienced; different than anything I’ve ever heard about or studied about…and history has always been my favorite pastime since I can remember; I am a student of history. One ideologue from history once said, “The only thing evil needs to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” 

So, I simply can’t keep silent any longer. This is still America and we are still entitled to our OPINION and our FREEDOM TO SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR OF CENSORSHIP or retribution from other people, private entities or governmental intervention. 

So, as I see it. There is a great evil that is continuing to persist and oppress the human beings of this entire planet. I’m disgusted and I’m angry and I’ve got something to say. I’m also hopeful because I believe there are many good people whose voice is not being heard. I hope this brings some clarity, some courage and some hope to those of you whose time it is to step out, speak up and take action. 

This is Thanksgiving week, and a decree has gone out throughout the land mocking and bullying our very heritage and attempting to strip us of celebrating our freedoms this weekend. On the very date we set apart to esteem our forefathers, gather with family and thank God for our many blessings; the California governor has done something so fundamentally un-American that it strikes at the most meaningful rights afforded to us by our Constitution …it is called ‘social distancing’, “lockdown’, ‘curfew’ and ‘isolation’. In prison camps they call this ‘solitary confinement’  which is what is done to prisoners of war by despots who desire the most mind-crushing method of breaking people’s will. 

Victims of war crimes agree that physical torture is not the worst thing evil perpetrators can do; no, it is the separation from normal human interaction. The shutting off and masking of human touch and binding up of emotional interchange; that is what breaks the human spirit; An evil tactician’s tool that exacts ultimate control. A deep cutting dagger that can get most people to say and do anything their oppressor instructs them. It literally forces people into depression, creating a spike in poor health. It drives people crazy and has great potential to bring out the worst in humanity. It divides people against one another. It is used in the Gulags and as a form of control exhibited straight out of the Marxist leaders handbook. So why would one of our leaders do this? We want to believe our authorities have our best interest at heart, right?…but what about when they don’t? What if it has become about a larger agenda of complete control? What if that agenda is to topple the freedom that our founding fathers forged? The blueprints for a one world order that cares nothing for the individual. It is a cruel system of trickery that guarantees to ‘take care of everybody’ and ‘make everything equal’ and ‘give a bunch of free stuff away’, but its heart plots to take from you your very opportunity to exist in the manner God created you. 

The following of what I am about to say may be considered as outlandish and apocalyptic. For those of you that have eyes to see and ears to hear, I believe we are seeing the first stage blueprints of an antichrist plan for a one world order. You can call me crazy. I’ve been called that before. Maybe that’s why I’m a surfboard shaper; I think maybe a bit of crazy is a prerequisite to becoming a lifer in the surfboard industry. But it is with all sincerity that I have taken the time to procure my thoughts after many long months locked away in the shaping room tuning up boards intended to bring happiness to many. This will be a different type of message that may sound bleak and very scary, but my intention is to educate not to place fear. To increase awareness to the reality of the times we are living in, so that we as a people may take courage to face up to a future we have the opportunity to re-direct. Our own actions actions right now can curb a bleak situation towards a more goodly and hopeful tomorrow. But, as in all things, God’s will be done…          

Something to know about sociopathic leaders is that they will go to no ends to strip you of all your dignity. They will create viruses and invasive technology, and vaccines to poison you and control and cripple you…even kill you if you let them. They will lie to you and say it’s for “your own good” or that “if you care about others this is what you need to do”.  I see any movement that mandates you to put something foreign into your own body, as no different than the burning of a brand upon innocent men and women by slave traders or concentration camp guards, or gulag police. 

Why so suspect regarding vaccines? Because what may have been introduced under the proposition of helping people has been infiltrated by greed. Companies that have targeted their sights away from helpings individuals, to calculating how to increase their market share moneys by producing as much product as they can push onto a market. This industry has become the world’s largest pyramid scheme whose only rival is the Federal Reserve System. The pyramid started out with five needles protruding into babies’ arms in the 50’s and 60’s. But, as with all pyramid schemes, the amount of product must always be expanding and increasing sales must continually drive the monetary growth so the top shareholders become richer. A process rife for corruption & control, when health falls in line behind the goals of making lucrative profits. 

Look at the dosage increase…look at it:

1960 – 5 vaccinations

2019 – 74 vaccinations


…with a 178% rise in autism prevalence since the year 2000.

This is something I have personally witnessed over and over and over again with my own two eyes throughout the years. It goes something like this: Good friends have a child. That child begins to grow and develop and starts talking and seems to be thriving and happy. The child goes in for their vaccines, and they have a marked rapid onset drastic change. They stop talking altogether. They start drooling all over the place and having gnarly tantrums; some banging their heads up against the wall when they never used to; they seem to be sick all the time; and their eyes seem to roll around in their head like there is a major disconnect happening all of a sudden. It is very very sad. Over and over I have seen this. And then I see other kids where they seem super bright eyed and sharp and speak in full sentences, and are playing musical instruments at a young age…and I’ve asked in a round about way since I know it is such a sensitive subject, “ So, what did you guys do as parents with your kids in raising them, they seem so alert and on it?” To which 9 times out of 10, they say in a low voice after looking around to see if anyone is nearby, “Well, we did’t have any vaccinations with our kids.” I know of kids in their 20’s and 30’s now that never had one vaccination. And they are not just fine, they are some of the brightest, clearest eyed, well mannered, articulate, athletic, healthy kids I know. Now, It’s my opinion from what I’ve seen; I guess you would call it anecdotal evidence, that not all kids suffer that have had vaccines. And I don’t want to create some kind of guilt thing for parents. In fact we have been sold a bill of goods as something that is good for us and our children, and nobody wants to think that huge institutions have a less than good motive for us. Even med students that will become doctors one day, don’t typically question their institutions. They are going along learning what they have been told to study, so they can have a good job in a field they wish to progress in.

But it is time we question. It can start with something as simple as asking to read the ingredients on a product and it’s listed possible side effects; this is a very enlightening simple process that we must take the time to do whether we are putting something into our own system, or our children, or an elderly parent. And then use your own God-given common sense when you observe the results taking place in the world and the people around you.   


So, it seems there continues to be a countercultural movement away from vaccinations by a growing contingent of people around the globe.

The practice data showed the following:
One case of autism in the unvaccinated group—a rate of 1 in 715.
Six cases of autism in the partially vaccinated group—a rate of 1 in 438.
In comparison, government data from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) show a diagnosed autism rate of 1 in 45 children (aged 3-17 years) as of 2014 and, by 2016, a rate of 1 in 36.

Much of the medical establishment as it stands is lying to you for profit. They make money off you being sick and your children being diseased. It’s the same reason why the FDA approves (for the right price) things known to cause cancer, or severe unwarranted side effects.


That’s also one of the reasons why they genetically modify food now more and more. Not only is genetic modification a way for nefarious purveyors to patent food, or drugs, or plants, or seeds, or any form of life; it is a way for billionaires to own the rights to these same things. And if they own the rights to these things, they can literally own the food you eat. And if they own patents on vaccines that can alter your DNA, then they can literally move towards a path of owning you. Take a second to think about that. And did you know that vaccine companies do not carry insurance and are free of liability if you or your child are injured or even killed as a result of a bad reaction to a vaccine? And the oversight for the efficacy of vaccines is not an independent third party to make sure that what’s in the vaccines are safe or not. No, The vaccine companies have their own internal product oversight. Pretty interesting. Not many people know that. Go look it up. 

Don’t take my word for it. Investigate for yourself. Now ask yourself why would companies that say they want to help you, not have any insurance, be immune from being held liable for a product that could cause harm, nor have an unbiased, independent organization checking the safety and viability of their product? And why would the government of the United States allow that? 

The power and influence the vaccine and pharma companies now wield has replaced what was once held by the robber baron energy companies I.e. gas and oil. 90% of all mainstream media advertising comes from the pharma companies.


Have you noticed how it seems every single commercial now is offering some quick fix medication you can take with a list of 30 side effects at the end of the commercial, most of which say the medication itself can actually cause worse symptoms of the very thing it’s advertised to help; or to even cause death. Pretty weird isn’t it. I know you know what I’m talking about. We all see them; we are bombarded by these ads from every direction. These companies have no accountability for the products they develop, and have accumulated so much wealth and power behind them, that they now influence governments, policies, media, the minds of the people in an inordinate and unhealthy way. There’s even enough monetary sway to create a huge potential for systemic corruption to the point of votes and elections to become manipulatable. Did you know that Google has their own vaccine company? Don’t you think that’s kinda trippy? Why would Google want to get in on the vaccine game? Don’t believe me….Google it and you’ll find some very interesting facts. 

I’ve noticed in my own life experiences with various people, that every once in awhile I’ll come across someone who is a sociopath. A person that has less empathy than most humans. They tend to be completely self-absorbed / narcissistic with very little compassion for people; interesting combo. And they tend to want to have positions of leadership, and accumulate large sums of money and power to lord it over other people. Not that all leaders and rich people are sociopaths – that is ridiculous. But I have noticed that when sociopathic people become extremely wealthy and have anything and everything this world has to offer; the next step for them seems to be that they desire an insatiable amount of power. Could this be a characteristic of many of these NWO players that are fast at work weaving a dystopian web?
exploring the case for massive voter fraud

And now for some more truth: Did you know that according to the CDC’s recent posting that only 6% of worldwide Covid recorded deaths actually died from Covid. which means that 94% of all the media death scare is from people dying primarily from 2.6+ other pre-existing co-morbidities. In other words 96% of these reported deaths are actually directly related more closely to diseases other than Covid. And the vast majority of these people were elderly and in their latter stages of life.


And did you know that every year 1.5 million people die from tuberculosis which is also a communicable disease, yet the world has never been locked down for a tuberculosis “pandemic’. Why?


Could it be because the tuberculosis vaccine is relatively inexpensive to produce, so it is not a big money maker for the vaccine lords? Look into it yourself. Don’t trust me. And what happened to the household cold and flu? I don’t see those numbers anywhere. Could they have been conveniently adjusted over into the Covid-19 column? And what about excess death numbers? According to the CDC and WHO we are not seeing any excess death numbers worldwide even though we are in a pandemic. How can this be? And yet CV19 is called a ‘pandemic’? Why is that?

And what about the numbers of children going missing every year? How come no pandemic / crisis for the disappeared innocents vanishing from before us?

And, why is it that I keep hearing first hand accounts of people that have passed away of normal, natural things such as heart attacks and pulmonary embolism, even car accident deaths..that the doctors then registered as Covid deaths without the consent of their loved ones or significant others? Why are hospitals lying about some causes of death and falsely reporting them as Covid? My best friend’s cousin was diagnosed with leukemia, ushered straight into urgent care, given two medications that induced coma, was then intubated and died; all this in a period of days. And guess what they labeled his cause of death? – Covid. And did you know the New York Times is now saying: “Covid Lockdowns and supply-chain disruptions threaten progress against tuberculosis, as well as H.I.V. and malaria.”

And this current ‘spike in covid cases’ (while the death rate has leveled off to basically zero in all of Ventura County for months now, and the cases continue to plummet);


Gavin Newsom is attempting to shut down Christmas as well, make everyone distance outdoors, induce curfews and e-mask-ulate the working class public… meanwhile this same governor has dinner indoors with a group of over 20 people, sitting shoulder to shoulder, no masks. Not just his family, but friends, acquaintances, and best of all two of the leading California state health officials also hangin’ mask free with the gov sippin’ suds. And while many Americans can’t get an unemployment check to buy groceries, Gavin et al. dine in at $350.00 a plate prices. And then there’s still the elephant in the room of social demonstrations encouraged where businesses are burned, grandmas beaten, babies injured, people killed and shot in the streets….and yet no governmental action taken by the governors to socially distance or enforce the health and lives of those this violence is being perpetrated by, or to protect the victims this violence was perpetrated on. And the many friends I have, from nurses, to doctors, to heads of hospitals that keep telling me, “Yeah that’s what the mainstream media and governor is saying, but we are still sending staff home because the hospital has so few cases; in fact not enough to keep the normal staff working. I have heard some new cases of Covid patients being flown in from other countries to be placed in U.S. hospitals, but that there is no real ‘spike’”. This doesn’t make sense to me…unless there is an agenda afoot. 

Governor Gavin Newsom attending an expensive dinner party at the French Laundry for a $15,000 price tags with 22 others not social distancing or wearing masks. A closer look reveals that Janus Norman a top lobbyist for the California Medical Association who is sitting right next to Governor Newsom. On Newsom’s other side is the CEO of the California Medical Association Dustin Corcoran.

In fact, it is my opinion that this strain of Covid is the first test round of a sick social experiment. Covid-19, being one of several engineered viruses to be used as weapons of tyranny against the global population. From my own research I have come to believe that Covid-19 was engineered during the Obama administration under Dr. Fauci’s supervision at Fort Detrick (Class 4 Lab) in a military biological warfare development center in Maryland (2015). This same program was dismantled by the Trump administration when it was discovered that the weaponized biological program had no good reason to continue as it was a viral weapon that could threaten the health and well being of the world’s population. The program was then covertly outsourced by Dr. Fauci, and in direct disobedience to his superior, to continue the project at the Wuhan biological warfare development facility in China, and in a joint venture with various private foundations and in cooperation with the Chinese government, and Chinese military. Secret ties with the Chinese Communist system? A communist totalitarian system…the perfect ideological mechanism to trick liberty out of our hands and deliver a New World Order agenda? 

And it is my opinion that technology now exists that can trigger the activation of viruses that are hosted inside our bodies. Be it through aerosolized particles dropped on us from the sky and absorbed through our skin, or through the food we eat, injected by the annual flu shot, or by a mandatory vaccine. Once in the human bloodstream, this ‘modulated wave’ technology can travel through the air; much the same way wireless 5g information is sent through the air – from satellite to cell tower, to device, etc… (for lack of a better name let’s just refer to it as ‘radiation’ or ‘EMF technology’ or ‘electromagnetic microwave technology’), a frequency that can be administered from a remote location to achieve all manner of ‘symptoms’. From a burning of the outer layer of human skin tissue, to burning and scarring of the lungs, to blood clots, to massive onset heart attacks. 


contrails? … or something else?


After doing years of extensive research, It is my opinion that CV19 is actually a low grade virus designed to prey on the most vulnerable people in the world. A population controller’s perfect first step towards getting people used to a “new normal” of social distancing, masking, shutdowns, lockdowns and overreach of your personal liberties.


A first step very much like the first steps of the eugenics of the Nazis in the 1930’s and 1940’s. First they killed off the “drains on society” i.e. in their ideology these are the old, the weak, those with pre-existing conditions’… they even called these people something very similar to “the non-essentials”. The sinister ideals of these same spirits still exist today. The World Economic Forum is one of the largest virtual meeting places that attracts the wealthy 1% that plots and plans their strategies. The cyber church where they discuss how they plan to become like God in an Orwellian dystopia of their own imaginings. They call it the great reset and they are trying to institute it right now. A world of complete control where the individual owns nothing. Where planet earth has become their pinnacle idol. And where people are a nuisance in the way of their planet’s survival.

By couching misleading, flattering visions of a utopian world, they use their platform to strategize the vilest slavery blueprint mankind has every known. The “Great Reset” they call it, and their endgame is population control. Not only do they desire a planetary police / surveillance state to gain total control of the world’s population, but they desire to reduce the world’s population through a vaccine based / identification tracking methodology that would make the final solution of the Nazi’s genocidal regime look crude and archaic in comparison. 


I am baffled by the hypocrisy of the World Economic Forum when I see them orchestrating commercials for euthanasia for people in their mid-60’s saying, “I’ve had a good life, but now it’s time for me to make way for the next generation.” Commercials that plant the seed that we ought to start thinking about having our life willingly taken from us when we reach a certain age….for the good of the rest of humanity…for the good of the planet. This is extremely troubling to me. Especially when these same people purport to have the most humane plans for society. These same people that tell us, “We need to vaccinate the entire planet, so that those that are vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus have a chance to live.” Wait a second, they are telling us on one hand that they care so much for those over 75 (with several co-morbities bracket of society) that we all need to take their vaccine.” Yet on the other hand, they want people to get used to the idea that once you hit around 65, you ought to be willing to turn yourself in to be euthanized because “it’s just the right thing to do.” Are you seeing what I am seeing? Who are they to say who must go and who can stay; who can live and who’s time it is to die. These are people who are Godless. This life and this planet is all they have. I am convinced that the Bill Gates of the world are the most insecure, fear-filled people on earth. They have no hope for a future after this life; they only have the here and now that they are desperate to preserve and save. The planet has become their god, preserving it their mission. Their body has become their project; how to use technology and medicine – a cocktail of engineering themselves an eternal existence of their own making. Yet they bring none of the raw material necessary for their attempts at immortality. They can only borrow from God’s creation; mess with it, tweak with it. Nothing original. And so they think they can improve upon God’s design. Improve upon God’s plan. This is the mindset of Lucifer. And this is the lie that stumbles them into a life they can never achieve apart from God. For all the things they seek can only be found in God. Life and life-everlasting free from decay and rooted in eternal perfection. That is the life to come. And those that realize this will adjust the course of their life in the here and now. (please read my piece called “ The Good News” which is attached below.)   

An interesting thing about population control is that there is an ever-emerging view that there will simply not be enough room on the planet. Well, I recently took my family for a several weeks trip to explore the reality of this theory; give the idea a bit of a ‘boots on the ground’ fact check if you will. What I found is that there are huge expanses of lush rainforests, empty valleys, untouched mountaintops, clean skies, fresh water, where nobody lives for hours and days and miles and miles off the grid. I wasn’t sure if anywhere like that still existed, and yet I found I was shocked by the sheer expanse of virgin, untouched vastness that I saw and experienced. Something deep inside me said, “We have been lied to.” But why? Could it be like that kid we all knew in kindergarten that is out of control and wants to take everybody’s toys and play over in the corner by themselves…you remember that kid? We all had one in our class. And when you try to get a toy back, the belligerent little monster pops you one; then hastens to bully and threaten everybody else. I think that’s kinda what it’s like for these people; the toys are the planet and they want the planet for themselves. So they lie to you and bully you into thinking that human beings are no different than mice or cockroaches that need to be exterminated when the population gets too big. The bully’s objective is to de-humanize you and make you feel like your own existence is the reason for the problems in the world. This is a pretty sick thing, but I think that’s exactly how these bully’s operate. And what do you do with a bully? With a terrorist? With an abuser? Do you go along and just hope things will get better somehow, some way their  behavior will change on its own?

No, you need to stand up to it. See the lie and exact the change.


But then the planet bully tells you again saying that Co2 levels are rising out of control, and they tell you sea levels are rising too. Soon we won’t be able to breath and all the beaches will be eight feet under water within the next six years. So I looked up C02 levels and I found an interesting thing. They haven’t changed in over 50 years. Hmmm….and then recently when I was in Tavarua; it was actually exactly one year ago. On one of the mornings before heading out to Cloudbreak, I asked one of the guys who had discovered the island back in the 70’s and started the camp there and who has spent over 40 years there: “Have you seen a noticeable shrinkage of the island from sea level rise over the years?” Since it’s a very small island and takes about 20 minutes to walk around its entire circumference, I was curious. I also asked the same question to one of the guides who had been working there for 30 years. They both said, “This island has remained exactly the same size.” Hmmm very interesting I thought, now how can that be?    

I am disgusted by Dr. Fauci who has made questionably large sums of money off of receiving royalties from vaccines that he has approved through his governmental position. Does that seem right and proper to you? It doesn’t settle right with me! Especially when people are starving, committing suicide, dying alone in their home because the are afraid to go to the hospital, people are losing their businesses, alcoholism is on the rise, mental illness is on the rise, abuse on the rise, childhood prostitution and enslavement going unchecked. And it also doesn’t settle right with me that this same Dr. Fauci said, “This administration will face a viral pandemic.” I don’t care how good you are, no-one but God can predict a pandemic three years ahead of time right on the dot. And did anyone notice the way in which Fauci said this? With a smirk on his face, and in the manner of a bully using his manufactured virus as means to threaten us. I picked up on it, and I don’t like it. And I don’t want to raise my daughter in a world where we the people give power to a person like that.

As of now the death rate from suicide among teens has surpassed that of Covid deaths for that age group. All because the world is on lockdown from a virus that 99% of the world has a 1/100 of 1% chance of dying from. Evil and corruption has crept up around us while we were busy working and providing for our families; while we were dedicated to loving our children. That should make you mad. Mad enough to do something about it.


And do you know how much Bill Gates stands to make from this vaccine? Not billions. Trillions. That also ought to make you stop and think why a computer programming software giant who has a long family history of population control indoctrination, and clearly a love for money and power…why is he so interested in a vaccine for everyone on the planet. And Bill so often says, “that this will just be the first of many…” 

I have heard again and again from friends that run hospitals, friends that are doctors, friends that are viralogists that run clinical studies (and even ones who have studied the Covid-19 virus itself), “You don’t need to worry. You are young and healthy and fit. Just stay healthy, eat well, drink lots of vitamin-C and you’ll be fine.” 

But right now, the people enacting this ‘pandemic’ / ‘world shutdown’ plan are working to sell the larger population on this idea of a ‘new normal’ viral planet. They are trying to propogate this idea in palatable bite size pieces. Then slowly try to condition you to the idea of genocide and governmental policy mandates working hand in hand with viral biological weapons used against society itself. 

To do this, they’ll tell you “make sure you wear your mask”…it is meant to protect ‘those’ that might be prone to getting the Covid. They appeal to your natural empathetic desire to help humanity as a whole. You see most people do not think as remorseless sociopaths think.


Most people have feelings and care for the well being of others, and want to be a part of something larger than themselves. To do good. To help the cause. …and this is just what a sociopathic elite bent on control is banking on. Your empathy for your fellow humans is unfortunately what evil people will try to manipulate for their own means. Which has led us to the shut down of the entire world and the crippling of your way to survive and make a living. And still I hear people say, “I don’t know what to believe anymore so I’m just being as safe as possible.” What people mean when they say this is that they are believing the narrative they have heard the most from the mainstream media. The media that is owned by the very people, their foundations, and the communist governments that engineered the virus; and interestingly enough they are also the same ones who are going to try and tell you they have the “solution” / “the vaccine” / “the tracking implant” that is going to “help you” and “save the world”. It’s the ultimate power grab for complete control by greedy sociopaths. So now not only do they want to distance us, isolate us, mask us and basically imprison us from the outside world; but now they also want to inject something into us to subjugate us from inside of our own bodies. Enslavement outside the body as well as enslavement from within.

It is interesting that for decades now as I’ve watched  strains of viruses hit China from the bird flu to SARS, to N1H1, HIV hybrid strain, Covid-19, etc etc all tracing their roots back to Wuhan and the nearby military facility there for the creation of biological weapons.


I have seen the masked people of our Asian brothers and sisters on the news, in the airports and railways and always feel a sort of sinking feeling in my soul that there is something fundamentally and inherently wrong and very sad seeing the Chinese so often in masks. Looking scared, looking frightened, looking unsure about the future. Looking like their very personage has been taken and veiled with a symbol of submission and an admonition that they are identifying themselves as the broken; as the controlled. What the people wearing the masks don’t realize, is that the mask won’t lead them to less lockdowns and more freedom, but to more lockdowns and less freedom. The controllers use the mask as a visual marker to see just how many people are willing to obey whatever they are told; an outward representation of an inward submission. 

I truly believe the Chinese communist system has been oppressing their own people for years. Using silencing and censoring tactics, incarceration, persecution, torture, firing squads, illegal organ harvesting, and yes even biological weapons. 

Communism is a system that has no place for the freedoms of individuals; only a system of homogeneity of one thought, one mind, one purpose: the proliferation of the state. Go against the communist agenda and suffer or be silenced.

Dumping viruses on people and then masking them is a subjugation tactic so cruel because it removes a huge part of facial person to person communication. Seeing only their eyes and masked emotions makes my heart break for the people of China. If biological weapons have worked in other countries to cripple and subjugate, could they not be used to control the world? Is that what we want here in America? Is that what we want our world to look like? 


And upon researching further, I’m discovering that masks don’t even block viruses. Dust and fine particulate yes, but viruses go right through; like throwing sand through a chainlink fence is the best comparison. And then I am finding mounds of clinical documentation that says only the sick should wear masks so as to prevent them from spreading disease if they sneeze or cough. To make sure everything is sneezed back into their mask and not on others. Never mind blowing your nose, just keep it in the mask and away from others. And as for the healthy, mask wearing is actually discouraged since it limits the amount of oxygen to the blood which will actually contribute to a weakened immune system. Then I think again about the communist system that bends the individual will to the purposes of the whole i.e. “We’re all in this together”…and I begin to see a different picture of what these masks really mean. And now I’m seeing it here in my own country. 

SARS CoV2 and the Rise of Medical Technocracy Lee Merritt, M D

It is fascinating to me that since May, my family and I have been attending church every Sunday, and one in particular which hosts 7,000 people. That’s correct, Seven Thousand People, sitting shoulder to shoulder, no masks, singing loudly at the top of our lungs…and guess what? Not one case of Covid, not one death from Covid in all that time going every Sunday. In the heart of Los Angeles nonetheless we have driven the hour and half it takes to get there just so we can worship God and be around other people not living in fear. How can that be? Just lucky? I think not. 

I have also seen a greed that has sent jobs out of my country and into the pockets of communism abroad. To places where there’s no regulation towards health or environmental considerations. And all the while these same industry heads overproduce and label their products with some kind of stamp or marketing campaign that says how good they are to the environment. Over the last 30 years there has been a proliferation of outsourcing American industries. It is very important to understand that countries work the same way a small business works; it’s a simple concept; you have to bring in more than goes out, so you can pay your bills and live your life. If you send all the jobs away, then the country’s economy suffers. You can borrow and lend and have the Fed print fake money to hide it, but eventually if catches up with you. That is what America has done, and now it has caught up with America. A few 1% elites have made money from this practice while the vast majority have gotten the bad end of the stick. There is an ancient saying that goes something like this, “The borrower becomes servant to the lender.” So, has the last bastion of the free world; the United States of America sold its birthright for leisure and bobbles and trinkets made oversees? Are we seeing a free peoples’ suicide take place before our eyes? Is Covid-19 the Chinese Communist acquisition of the free world? A silent take-over / WWIII in a very different fashion than we thought it ever would be? It makes me sad to think greed may be the real virus. Greed and lust for power and a small group of sociopathic unfeeling technocrats happy to sell out a country and its people to build their culture of death and bolster their own castles abroad… IF IF IF their plan actually succeeds. 

We the people still have the power. The Constitution still exists and, as of now, has the final say; not the media or the rich or the bully. Be informed. Do your own research.


Talk to people you know in government, in hospitals, your neighbors and friends. Have conversations with people at work and when you are grocery shopping, when you gather in the park (oops can’t do that), when you are at the sports arena (oops can’t do that), when you are at church (oops can’t do that), when you are at school (oops can’t do that)…well ok I guess then do it when you are burning or looting, or when you are at the liquor store, or at the weed dispensary, or the pharmacy, or the strip club, or the abortion clinic…

People, don’t consent your rights away. Freedom is not free. Let your God-given voice be heard NOW. Get busy living or get busy dying. The conspiracy is no longer a theory. Change this reality. Have a huge Thanksgiving celebration with as many family and friends as you can gather. Open your businesses. Take off your submission muzzles, go to church, arm yourself, organize with others of like mind, have children, get involved in your community, become a teacher, become active in politics, go to church, mentor kids, be a good parent, hold evil people accountable, and educate those that don’t yet know what’s going on, ask for direction and wisdom from God, and TAKE ACTION NOW before its too late.  


Here’s some resources I’ve found to be helpful as we navigate through the lies, and move to take our nation and this world back from the sociopaths and put it into the hands of freedom loving people.

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