I find it quick turning and very responsive. . .


Here is a follow up to the 6’2″ x19 x2 7/16″.
This board is amazing.
It gets into waves very easily, and paddles well. It is fast on the take off, and with a small pump has great bursts of speed around sections and down the line. I find it quick turning and very responsive. . .

I have only surfed the board a few times in waist to shoulder high Staircase(mushy), but so far the board has exceeded expectations.

Thank you again for making magic boards and spending the time to be sure my needs are met.
I fell honored to have a dedicated master craftsman making boards for a 40 year old kook like me. My available time to surf is very limited and having the right board makes each session that much better.


Alan Plotkin, 40, Thousand Oaks, CA
6’2″ x 19″ x 2 7/16″ Groveler IV.p

surfboard review: custom groveler shortboards